Make Smarter Decisions by turning your workers Android phones into real-time GPS tracking devices. View the locations of your mobile workers from anywhere in the world on web based maps.


Monthly Plan - $7.99 a phone                                  



- 50 cents off per phone for 100 phones or more
- Another 50 cents off per phone for 500 phones or more
- $1 off per phone per month if license fee is paid annually


Prices do NOT include the cost of the phone, or any monthly

service from your wireless carrier.



- Speed and heading
- Current location
- Breadcrumb trail
- Google maps with real-time
  traffic display
- Length of time stopped
- Real-time speeding alerts
- Real-time low battery alert



- Make smarter dispatch decisions
- Manage more drivers effectively
- Drivers complete more jobs a day
- Provide more accurate ETAs of
- Enhance overall customer


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